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We appreciate your taking time to visit us, a second-generation family owned manufacturer in the USA who specializes in dock building hardware for do-it-yourselfers and contractors. dock.shop is an online extension of our parent company, Great Northern Docks, Inc., located in beautiful downtown Naples, Maine.

The founder of our company, Fremont Merriam, a home builder and engineer, made his home at the lake in 1977 with his wife, Norma and seven children. While searching for a sound and sensible way to build a dock on his shore, he realized that his new community lacked standard methods for building docks and sources for specialty dock materials.

While neighboring docks appeared to be slapped together using minimal ingenuity and many of them in disrepair, Fremont went to work on his own designs. Having exceeded his expectations from the performance by the end of summer, he began selling docks to others as a side-line to his contracting business in the following summer.

Out of a two-car garage with the investment in a welder and small press-break, Fremont was able to re-produce his specialty dock hardware, a key feature to his designs that facilitated the building and functioning of wooden docks. While using his hardware in the docks he sold, the waterfront community came to know him as the guy with dock parts. By his fifth year of building docks, his company had grown into a dependable supply house and an anchor retail store in Naples, Maine.

Our quality


From our beginning, quality made materials and friendly customer service have been the main ingredients to our success. As a dock building company, we understand how important quality is and that the lack of will likely have to be paid for again later. By maintaining high standards for quality products and integrity in our people we recognize that it is the foundation to providing good customer service.

Our Reputation

Over the last four decades, our company has been known for its dependable supply of quality dock products that do-it-yourselfers and contractors have come to rely on. We take pride in our engineered approach to the design of our proprietary products and scrutiny of products from our vendors. Most of all, we take pride in the success that our products bring to our customers. Our customer’s success is our success. Thank you for choosing dock.shop.